About Retro Viking

Welcome to a world of fantasy and gaming culture. The focus on this little blog is to talk about various aspects of modern life, while still returning to the old ages to analyze humanities’ path through the centuries. In other words, it will include random thoughts and a few deeper ideas on how I observe society. Commenting and discussing is strongly advised here, since I like listening/reading!


Bibliography featured in my posts

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Various Authors (2007), Fighting Techniques of the Medieval World.


Born in Germany and living in Mexico, now works as a language teacher and aspires to be a medievalist. Enjoys mainly reading, writing, playing videogames, listening to metal and one or two NFL games from time to time, but the interests span many other areas like role-playing, war-gaming, sword fights, folk music and others. Already organizer of a few conferences on medieval history. Also a germanic pagan.

Best way to describe as: “Jack of all trades, good for nothing”.


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