3 comments on “To Zelda or Not to Zelda

  1. Too much hand holding can make a game too easy and therefore too boring, and throwing the player to the wolves so to speak can make the game too hard. I agree, Zelda games that have tangible clues like OOT but still retained a certain level of mystery were perfect. Note that the 3DS version was a lot more guided, which I found to be an interesting choice. ALBW was somewhere in between those two I think. But yes, it seems that a balance of hard/easy is really crucial in making a fun video game!:D

    • I love the Zelda franchise and I’ve never had a problem with the hand holding linear story lines. I play them because I enjoy the lore. It wasn’t until it was pointed out to me that I really noticed how linear it is. I never compared it to an open world game like Skyrim in the first place. It was just “Zelda”, and it was awesome. All that said, ALBW is now my favorite. Then again, I’d love it just as much if it were similar to ALTTP in regards to dungeon order and finding the boss killer in its respective dungeon. That stuff never bothered me. If I wanted a completely open adventure, I’d play something else, not expect a franchise to meet my standards for what I think it should be. I guess what I’m trying to say is that Nintendo can do what it wants to the franchise and I will still buy it. I love Zelda for more than just it’s game style.

      • Well, we have to remember that linearity never equals bad game. It is just funny how we lost track on the exploration and wonder theme. I still think Twilight Princess is fantastic and my favorite hanheld one, Link’s Awakening, is good even though it drops a storyline in an epic manner. I’d just like to see something like LBW again in the Wii U version!

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