2 comments on “The “Celtic” Tolkien

  1. That was a classically good blog post!

    I wonder if it was the hobbits that bring about the claims of celtic influence. While I wouldn’t go as far as saying they’re the stars of the book trilogy, they’re what most people seem to relate to more than Aragorn and his struggles.

    I might even say the hobbits ARE actually influenced from celtic, though possibly as an intention to further define their alienation from the rest of the world which is, as you say, more germanic.

    • Well, you are right on that one. The little folk are some of the celtic influences Tolkien keeps. His writing is rich of those three traditions, although the heavier part is, at the end, christian-germanic. And even the hobbit thing can be (a bit) rebuffed. Tolkien, when asked, always said that the halflings represented the honest country worker of his hometowns and homeland. So there is still a lot to be thought if they are totally celtic. As far as I know, bot germanic and celtic traditions had little folk. But the people prefer to rememeber the warring side and the epic things in the tradition of the norse.

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