2 comments on “Astérix and Obélix -Remembering the Lost Gems

  1. Asterx and Obelix had a huge following in South Africa!

    I remember when I moved to London, I thought it would be even more popular over here, but bizarrely, it’s not. I’ve hardly met anyone in England who’ve heard of them. I discovered this because when I was in Denmark, I found a cafe for breakfast one morning that had every single inch of their walls covered in pages from the comics, it was so impressive and exciting that I couldn’t wait to tell everyone back at my workplace in the UK…. but how sad it was that no one knew about them and could understand my excited. I was shocked too. I mean, the people who wrote the comics are just over a tiny channel.

    Anyway, interesting thing to mention, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a good A&O game before (Never played the one you mentioned here). You’re the first person in recent times who’ve said they’ve liked one. My best mate back in South Africa tried to remind me that we loved an A&O game in the arcades, that was sort of a side-scrolling beat ’em up, Golden Axe-style.. but I have no memory of it. Sounds like the perfect genre for the duo though…

    • I do understand. After this game I found none better, I never heard of an arcade. But I still am seeing if I can find a SNES version to try that one out.
      Cudos to the lost A&O fan all the way over there! It is hard to be a fan of that game 😛 .
      BTW, do you also know Lucky Luke?

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