4 comments on “6 Things That Go Wrong in Modern Gaming – From a Retro Gamer (Part 2)

  1. Agree with alot of what you said. I think the one bright side of gaming moving both toward the mainstream and internet is that there is alot of room for good independant developers to self publish their own games. If they’re good and can build a buzz, they can take off, Minecraft being probably the most successful example. There’s a lot of frustrations in modern gaming, but there are some bright spots as well.

    • Now, here is a weakness to my comment! I focused to much in console gaming. As a matter of fact there are great proyects out in the internet that have shown great promise. I must say Minecraft is one of my favourite today, as well as the Battle for Wesnoth. Mainstream does not mean automatically bad, but an emergence of a lot of bad things with a few good ones. And we should try to cherish those good things! Like building castles with square blocks while fighting creepers!

  2. Just read both your posts about this and found it hit upon a lot of truths (Though I do love lots of buttons on controllers… but that’s just me!)

    And you couldn’t have described the DLC situation more accurately. It’s gotten to the point where I won’t play a new game anymore until the sequel is realised, because I’m afraid I’ll play through it missing half of the stuff that’ll be realised as DLC later on.

    Skyrim is one of the only recent AAA games in recent times where the only DLC they’ve released has been a big solid expansion which adds a whole new story (Meaning you don’t need it for the main story). This is exactly how DLC should be done.

    Games used to stuff their games with extra goodies which you had to explore and unlock. Unlocking characters in Tekken, or cars in Ridge Racer, were all down to your persistence and skill with the game… rather than your wallet.

    Everytime I see the term ‘DLC’, I want to hit something… hard!

    Thanks for your two posts though, they were very good reading!

    (PS, if you haven’t already, play Jedi Outcast. It was probably the last ‘first person’ shooter which kept the exploration in levels)

    • Now, thanks for the comment and thanks for the tip. I now have a new game to look for and play! I’ll look at it. I hope one day companies (like EA) finally get the message, but for them to get the message it requires the players to think what they want and not download EVERY DLC. I really doubt they are really happy by emptying wallets. Or maybe it is just me.

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