3 comments on “Insert piracy here

  1. Great post. I have never read anything from someone in your situation where your family was unable to afford the exorbitant costs of movies, but it gives me a new perspective on things.

    I know some companies are trying to address that too. Kim Dotcom, the obnoxious guy behind Megaupload, actually had a good idea with their next company called MegaBox, which would allow for free music downloads and pay the artists using advertising.

    So the ideas are out there to make this stuff more available for people, Hollywood just needs to start re-thinking their business strategy and stop focusing on making as much money as possible.

    • I definetly think mainstream media should rethink their perspective. Undoubtedly there are many with a good idea trying to solve those problems, but as far as for Sony, I never really believed they would even try. Hope more and more companies see that flaw! Thx for your comment!

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